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Does Your Texas Auto Insurance Cover ALL Your Needs?

When you buy auto insurance in Texas, you’re protecting yourself from paying out of pocket for expensive repairs and medical bills if you cause an accident. But what if your car is damaged by someone else? What if it’s stolen? What if your teenager now drives the family car? With so much at stake, it’s important to know your insurance will cover you and your family in all the ways you need it most. WN Insurance is here to listen to your unique needs, answer your questions, and help find the perfect insurance coverage for you. Keep reading or click for free auto insurance quotes in Texas!


You have a lot of options when it comes to buying auto insurance in Texas. Even if you’ve been driving for years, it’s important to know your choices — especially if you may need additional coverage or if you’re ready to opt out of coverage you no longer need.

Who Needs Auto Insurance in Texas?

In Texas, the law requires drivers to show proof that they can pay for accidents they may cause. For most people, this means purchasing liability insurance. And if you still owe money on your car, the company you finance it through will likely require further insurance in the form of collision and comprehensive coverage.

If you’re the main driver in the home, but others in your household (like your spouse or teens) have licenses, it’s important to let your insurance provider know. Some companies require all drivers in the home to be named on the insurance policy. It’s better to find out now than be denied a claim because they weren’t listed on the policy.

If you have a young driver who drives their own car or the family car regularly, you’ll need to either add them to your policy or help them get one of their own. Your insurance professional will help you determine the best option for your situation and budget.

What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance?

In addition to liability coverage that pays for damage caused in an accident, there are several other types of coverage you can add:

Additional Liability

In Texas, you must be able to cover at least $30,000 per person for injury (up to $60,000) and $25,000 for property damage. If damages/injuries exceed this amount (for example, in a multiple car accident), you may have to pay out of pocket or risk being sued by another driver. For this reason, many people choose to add additional liability insurance.


This covers the repairs or replacement of your own car.


This coverage excludes damage caused in an accident, but does cover theft or damages from fire, flood, vandalism, etc.


This covers you and your passengers’ medical expenses, as well as if you’re hurt while in someone else’s car.

Personal Injury

All Texas auto insurance policies include personal injury coverage, though you can choose to opt out by notifying the company in writing. This coverage pays medical bills resulting from an accident and related expenses like lost wages due to injury.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Like personal injury protection, this coverage must be offered to you by Texas auto insurance companies, and to opt out you must inform them in writing. It covers you when a person without (enough) insurance hits you or if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run.

Towing & Labor

Should you need mechanical help while driving, this coverage will pay to tow your car, change a flat tire, or jump-start your battery.

Rental Reimbursement

This coverage will pay for a rental car if yours is being repaired after an accident or has been stolen. Alternatively, some insurance companies will pay for taxis or ride-shares.

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Special Considerations When Buying Auto Insurance in Texas

There are circumstances when your auto insurance may not cover you, so be sure to speak with an experienced Texas auto insurance professional before you commit to a new policy. Some common reasons your claim could be denied are:

  • You’re driving for profit (i.e., delivery or ride sharing)
  • You drive a vehicle regularly that is not your own
  • You’re driving in Mexico
  • The car is being used for business purposes or is a company car

How Much Will My Texas Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost and coverage of your auto insurance depends on many factors. When calculating your premium, they will consider things like:

  • Your driving record
  • If you live in the city or the country
  • The type of car you have
  • What you use your car for
  • Your credit score

With so many variables to consider, it’s important to talk to a professional to ensure you receive the coverage you need. At WN Insurance, we have nearly 20 years of experience with Texas auto insurance, and we pride ourselves on finding the best coverage for each of our clients.

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