Texas Umbrella Insurance Keeps You Covered

When you buy insurance for your car, home, boat or business, it’s natural to assume you are covered for every eventuality. Unfortunately, there are holes in basic insurance policies that prevent or limit payouts past a certain amount; or worse, they don’t cover you at all. Umbrella insurance Texas is well-named because it keeps you covered when basic policies max out. WN Insurance offers both personal umbrella insurance Texas and commercial umbrella insurance Texas.

What is Umbrella Insurance in Texas?

Umbrella insurance is there for you when the unexpected happens, and there are two ways it takes effect:

  1. Umbrella insurance takes over when your regular policy is maxed out. For example, you are in a car accident where both parties are seriously injured, and the medical bills exceed your policy. It extends further coverage, protecting you from costly bills or even a lawsuit.
  2. It also protects you from claims that aren’t covered by usual insurance policies such as libel, damage to other peoples’ property, or injuries to others caused by an accident.

Is Umbrella Insurance Required in Texas?

There are two types of umbrella insurance in Texas: personal and commercial. Neither is required by law, but it’s highly recommended for some individuals and most businesses. If your liability could be lowered with Texas umbrella insurance, contact us for a free needs assessment and policy review.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance Texas

Home, car or boat insurance is there for you for small and easy-to-fix situations. When your toilet floods or you have a minor fender-bender, your usual policy can handle it. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing curve balls, and that’s when you need personal umbrella insurance Texas.

The two main reasons you’ll want personal umbrella insurance in Texas are if you have assets you want to protect or if you engage in activities where you may hurt others unintentionally or be sued. Some reasons Texans may consider a policy:

  • they take part in potentially risky activities like hunting, skiing or boating
  • they may be at risk of lawsuits related to volunteering, coaching kids’ activities or property rentals.
  • they have potential dangers on their property such as dogs, a trampoline or a pool.
  • they need to protect their assets from claims that their usual insurance doesn’t cover.

Accidents happen all the time, and when they do, personal umbrella insurance Texas is an affordable way to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary and debilitating costs.

umbrella insurance texas | commercial umbrella insurance texas

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Texas

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you own a business. A customer could slip and fall, an employee could cause a traffic accident, or you could be sued for false advertising, libel or more. General liability insurance only partially protects your business, which is why most business owners choose to have the security that Texas commercial umbrella insurance offers.

If your business fits any of the criteria below, speak to your insurance provider to determine if umbrella insurance is a necessary extra layer to protect your company and its assets:

  • customers visit location in person
  • industry is at higher risk for employee or customer injury (for example, physical labor, factory work or handling of dangerous materials)
  • employees drive company vehicles
  • valuable assets or inventory are not covered by other policies
  • business operates on someone else’s property
  • food or alcohol is served
  • industry is at higher risk of being sued (i.e., for libel, slander, etc.)

Running a business brings inherent risk, and choosing commercial umbrella insurance Texas helps mitigate potentially costly and catastrophic losses at a low rate. Avoid paying unplanned fees and keep business assets safe.

How Much Does Umbrella Insurance Cost?

Compared to other types of insurance, Texas umbrella insurance is very affordable; especially when you bundle it with other policies from the same provider. For a personal policy, your yearly payment will usually fall in the low $100 to $300 range for $1million in coverage. That’s a small amount for huge peace of mind!

Talk Insurance with WN Insurance

At WN Insurance, we’re proud to offer and recommend only the insurance coverage that you need. Not everyone needs umbrella insurance in Texas, but there are many who should. Don’t wonder any longer what is umbrella insurance Texas or if it could improve your coverage.Let’s talk about your life and specific insurance needs. We’re happy to offer a review of the policies you have and discuss your coverage concerns and options.