Equine Insurance in Texas

Owning horses in Texas can be an expensive undertaking from the feed to the farrier to the stables to the medical bills. It can all add up quickly. In order to make sure their horse is well taken care of and these expenses are justified, many horse owners are taking up equine insurance in Texas. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing insurance for Texas horse farms such as why you need insurance, what types of coverage you can expect and what type of insurance company is right for you. You’ll get all of this and more from our Texas horse insurance specialists.

Why Do You Need Equine Insurance in Texas?

The general understanding of insurance is to help support you when you are in a rough situation. Most businesses have business insurance; most people have health and life insurance; but why not also have an insurance policy on your horse?

As we mentioned before, horses are expensive and a huge investment in not only money, but time and countless other resources. Many fellow Texas horse owners consider their horses as family members and are starting to purchase insurance for horse farms in Texas. You have enough to worry about — let equine insurance provide you with peace of mind if anything were to happen to your horses in Texas.

What Can Insurance for Horse Farms in Texas Cover?

Owning, raising and taking care of horses is a complicated undertaking. There are a million different things that could happen at any given time. We have taken into careful consideration the majority of issues that could arise and have generously offered coverage for nearly every equine insurance coverage option in Texas imaginable.

Mortality & Theft

While these options are difficult to think about, a smart horse owner knows they need to be discussed. If your horse passes away or is stolen, at least your initial investment with the horse’s purchase price can be returned to you. There are normally two options here – limited or full coverage. Limited coverage has certain restrictions, while full coverage takes into consideration totally covering your horse.

Major Medical

Horses are expensive creatures to maintain and keep healthy. An alarming amount of horse owners without insurance are put to the hard question of paying for their horse’s medical bills or choosing euthanasia. Do not let that be you! Major medical policies are offered in limits with annual premiums and deductibles based on the plans that you select.

Loss of Use

This type of insurance may not make sense for everyone. If you only own recreational riding horses, loss of use equine insurance may not apply to you, as it normally refers to performance or competition horses. Similar to mortality and theft equine insurance, there are limited and full coverage options for loss of use of your horse. Limited coverage options for loss of use equine insurance in Texas will pay a percentage of your horse’s value if an accident occurs that disallows your horse to perform its initial duties as a performance horse, while full coverage will pay the full amount of your horse’s assessed value.

Get A Horse Insurance Quote

There are many other types of insurance for horse farms in Texas that are offered, but these three are the main options. Always make sure to ask about each individual horse, as that may make a huge difference in what insurance options are available to you. For instance, there are many equine insurance options in Texas that are strictly for stallions (such as accident sickness disease) that you may be unaware of if you don’t ask about it. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Why WN Insurance is Right For You

We understand that horses are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. We are a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs, and with decades in the insurance business, our customers would agree. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and integrity throughout everything we do at WN Insurance. Let our Texas horse insurance specialists help you.

Each of our individual insurance agents is driven by providing their clients with the best service at all times and creating personal relationships with every single one of their customers. It is this desire to really understand their customer’s needs that has made WN Insurance the best place for not only your equine insurance in Texas, but your auto, home, life, umbrella and commercial insurance. We look forward to serving you soon.