Finding the right farm or ranch insurance in Texas can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider and situations that could arise to make choosing the right insurance too difficult on your own. Your best choice? WN Insurance. At WN Insurance, we walk you through every step of purchasing farm or ranch insurance so there are no further questions — just happy customers. Ready to get started? Contact us now or keep reading to learn more about how we can help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When faced with a large task such as choosing the right farm or ranch insurance in Texas, sometimes you do not know all the right questions to ask. Don’t worry! Below we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions our insurance agents receive. Take a look and let the uncertainty of purchasing your own farm or ranch insurance in Texas melt away. 

1. What does farm insurance in Texas cover?

Typically, a farm insurance policy in Texas will cover all of the housing units on the farm property, including mobile homes, household personal property, farm personal property and other farm structures. In fact, most policies also include coverage of mobile agricultural machinery and equipment. 

Likewise, if you are a farmer that leases their land, you may think it is not important to purchase insurance for all of your personal property that is contained on your leased land. However,  it is important to have insurance for all of your farmland — even leased — in the event that something happens. 

2. What does ranch insurance in Texas cover?

Actually, at WN insurance, we offer dual coverage for farms and ranches. That means you do not need both farm insurance in Texas as well as ranch insurance in Texas – it’s the same thing! Essentially, the plans cover your farm or ranch as it is your home, as well as covering it like a business, with a few individualized choices along the way to really make sure you are totally covered. 

3. Who needs farm and ranch insurance coverage?

This is an easy one — if you have a farm or ranch, then you need coverage. We understand that times have been tough and you may think that you do not need insurance. But what happens if some unforeseen circumstance arises and causes you to lose everything? You will be glad you had insurance! 

4. What kind of coverage do I need?

Each farm or ranch in Texas has some general coverage that is recommended to make sure all of your standard operations are covered. However, at WN insurance, we understand that not every farmer or rancher is in the same situation. That is why we work with each of our clients individually to ensure that they are properly covered for their specific needs — not just some generalized blanket coverage that may or may not protect everything you hold dear. 

The most common types of coverage that the majority of our farm and ranch insurance clients in Texas have are:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Personal property coverage
  • Rental coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Outbuilding coverage

Depending on the focus of your farm or ranch, we may recommend additional coverage for your equipment and livestock as well. We value each of our customers and want to make sure you are comfortably covered with our insurance policies. Call us today to speak with an agent who will answer each and every question you have regarding your personalized situation. 

5. How much does it cost to have farm and ranch insurance in Texas?

The potential cost of farm and ranch insurance can be a scary unknown that has stopped many farmers and ranchers from purchasing insurance in Texas for years. At WN insurance, we get it. We will work with you and make sure to have all of your assets covered under a plan that makes sense and fits within your budget. Because each farm and ranch is different, there is not a blanket number we can share — each cost for farm and ranch insurance in Texas is as individualized as the farm or ranch it is covering. Reach out to us today to discover how much it would cost to cover your farm or ranch. 

Let WN Insurance Protect Your Farm or Ranch

Purchasing farm or ranch insurance in Texas can be an overwhelming task — let us take the guesswork out of it for you! Each of our independent agents are local to the Texas area and know what coverage is essential and what coverage you do not need. With nearly two decades of experience protecting the Texas community, we have deeply nurtured our relationships with more than 70 insurers and can offer you incredible rates that most large nationwide insurance companies can not. 

Call us today to receive a personalized quote and see why WN Insurance is the only choice for your farm and ranch insurance in Texas.