Choosing the right insurance to protect your most valuable assets can be a daunting task to say the least. Particularly when your assets can also whinny! Here at WN Insurance, we offer plans for all of your needs, including equine, home, life, auto, umbrella, commercial, and farm and ranch protection options. Personal equine liability insurance is an essential part of any well-rounded and protected horse ranch or farm. Every year more Texans are working with horse insurance companies to better secure one of their larger assets. Our horse insurance specialist is trained in all aspects of horse protection and ownership. A horse insurance specialist is essential to owning horse. Keep reading to learn more and get a free equine insurance quote.

Personal Equine Liability Insurance

WN Insurance provides equine coverage that includes Mortality and Theft, Major Medical and Loss of Use. What would happen if your hooved-friend was injured or stolen? What would your plan of action be? Horses are magnificent and valuable animals that could cause devastating financial loss, not to mention trauma and personal pain, in the event something detrimental should happen. At WN Insurance, we have top personal equine liability insurance plans to cover those exact risks because horses are not just assets — they are family.

In the state of Texas, owning horses can be a pricey venture. We understand the plethora of resources and energy that go into properly caring for a horse. Feed, stable, accessory and medical bills can accumulate quickly. There are a variety of factors that go into planning the perfect coverage, so it’s important to choose a company that has specialized equine insurance agents at the ready. With WN Insurance, you will get a thoroughly-analyzed plan, customized to fit your needs and cover what matters most. Because at the end of the day, horses are deserving of protection just like any other family member. Give yourself peace of mind. Get a free equine insurance quote today!

After nearly two decades of experience, you could say we’ve been around the block and have dealt firsthand with every change and challenge the industry and our clients have thrown our way. Though existing for many decades now, horse coverage is still gaining awareness and can leave you wondering where to begin. Equine plans with other horse insurance companies are often quite expensive with bundle requirements or are being sold by inexperienced agents who are unfamiliar with the realities of horse ownership.

Horse Insurance Companies

Go with the seasoned choice — WN Insurance. We can guarantee you this: if we haven’t already seen it, we have the generations of sense and skill to navigate it. Insurance is the last thing you want to be modest with, but that doesn’t mean were unaware of the lifestyle costs already present for farm and horse owners. We want to make sure your money is used most effectively. We not only pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for insurance but also on giving our clients the exact plans they need at the most affordable rates available. 

Likewise, because our independent insurance agents in Texas focus on building long-term, personal connections with our clients, you’ll always get the best service possible. We are proud to have more than 70 partnerships with esteemed insurance companies and independent agents whose focus is to create and maintain long-lasting relationships. We operate as real people ensuring that our clients are well taken care for by providing proper individualized service. Let us help you design a perfect plan tailor-made to your needs at the best rates.

Equine Insurance Quote

Insurance is meant to protect you and your family from life’s most volatile possibilities, and your horses are no exception. WN Insurance has the background, education and customization to provide you with the best plan to fit your needs. Our horse insurance specialist is experienced in horse coverage, their basic care needs, medical risks and financial value to owners throughout Texas. Our clients deserve to rest easy knowing their horse, farm and home are protected. Life is already unpredictable, let us lighten your load and make sure you and yours feel protected at all times.

If your looking for trusted horse insurance companies, learn more about WN Insurance and types of coverage we offer, including personal equine liability insurance. Get a free equine insurance quote from our horse insurance specialist or contact us with questions. Protect your world and everything in it.